Monday, July 28, 2008

Spring Blossoms

Our miniture garden

This is one of the plants in our happy little garden back in May... before the bugs and deer invaded and decided to have a midnight snack.

This is one that's survived the raids, but like the rest of the plants in our garden it doesn't seem to know how to grow. I think we've got dwarf plants, because they seem to be mature with blossoms on them and everything, but after 2 months, they're still only about 6 inches tall! I don't get it.

Sky Camp

Mark had the opertunity to help out at our church's high school camp a couple weeks ago. I had to work during the week, but was able to go visit a couple times and then flew over one day between students. It's a really cool camp, right on the lake, and the leaders go all out to make it a great week for the youth. Mark had a lot of fun working in the kitchen, but came home wiped out... in the first 48 hours of being back he slept 30 hours!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fresh off the press

Here's the newest of Mark & I... no spandex this time. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4th of July bike ride

Mark & I went on a bike ride on the 4th of July since we both had the day off, and Mark took this picture along the way... try to ignore the spandex! It was a pretty ride, but kind of tough too since I'm not in the greatest shape.

More of Oregon's Coast

Oregon Coast

These are some of the pictures taken on our trip to the coast back in March. We stayed in a place right on the water and got to see some really beautiful sunset.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A New Page

As I write this I'm kind of wondering why I'm starting another web-page. I've had a couple in the past and I've always neglected them... no new stuff, people stop looking at them... including me. Eventually I even forget the web address and password so to dust they return. While I can still remember my last web-site's log-in info I'm going to delete it, so this will be it. My hope is to post pictures as stuff is going on with Mark & I... or just as I take random pictures for those of you who like to see them. So here I go again... I feel like I've just made a new year's resolution that's destined to crash and burn, but maybe I'll do better this time. :)