Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Growing baby = Growing Jill

Well, it's been a long time since I posted last, but wanted to let you know what's been going on over the last couple months. I know the baby's not here yet, but I've started a photo-journaling baby album anyway. So far it's been a place to record how the pregnancy's been going, milestones along the way, and at least a picture each month to track baby and tummy growth. I'm really looking forward to the pages that will be added in a few months when the baby arrives, but in the meantime Mark & I are enjoying each day and making sure that when the baby does arrive he or she knows that they've been loved even before they were born.

Other big news is that Mark finished college in December and within a couple weeks had a job as the Jr. High leader at the church we've been attending and helping out in for the last 3 years! God is good!

There are lots of unknowns still ahead, but we're looking forward to what God has planned and seeing what He does through it all.