Friday, December 2, 2011

Life as we know it

 Mark gave Caleb a beef stick that he had (still in the package) to play with as a distraction since he was getting tired and fussy. Pretty soon he had fallen asleep, still clutching the beef stick!
 I love seeing his personality beginning to come out!
I guess I've been busy lately, considering I haven't posted in over 2 months! I've been teaching a class that's a couple days a week this term and working one full day a week as well. Not much flying, but when I look at the face in these pictures I have no regrets at all. Caleb has recently discovered that he can go places rolling, so he's been all over the place. He also likes to scream for fun... not sure that I'm into that one so much, but I sure like it when he makes other noises, such as practicing talking. Finally after 8 months he's sleeping through the night more often than not, it's not every night and he still doesn't like to go to sleep, but I'll take what I can get. Uninterrupted sleep from 11PM 'til 7AM is great! :)
Other things I've been up to besides playing with Caleb, feeding him, moving him away from the areas of our house that still aren't baby-proofed, removing his hearing-aid from his mouth and putting it back in his ear, etc. are preparing to give the message in middle school group this Sunday, and working on a cookbook. I  decided about a month ago to put together a cookbook with our family's favorite recipes along with pictures of the dishes for Christmas gifts... yes, I decided to take on that project with less than 2 months 'til Christmas! It's been a little crazy getting everything together, but it's been fun to work on.
Mark is still busy working both of his "part-time" jobs and then staying home with Caleb while I'm at work. After almost a year leading the middle school group at church he still loves it... just wishes he had more time in the day to prepare for his messages or hang out with students.
Overall we're busy, but incredibly blessed!