Thursday, April 22, 2010

Old News and Burning Cars

For those of you who didn't see the newspaper last month, here it is. One of the local papers did an artical on women pilots and intervied myself and three others out at our flight school... we had fun. :)
Other news: On Monday night, our car decided it didn't like being a car anymore and wanted to be a BBQ instead, so after Mark and the firemen put the fire out (I was hoping if it was going to be toast anyway that we would at least get a show with a good explosion, but no, Mark had to go and put the fire out... no fun at all) and declared it dead we got to walk home wondering what God had planned next. Well the next day Mark bought a new clunker from one of the guys at his school for what he would have gotten at the junk yard he was planning on taking it to. So after getting it jump started, bailing all the water out of it and using almost a whole can of lysol on it to get rid of all the mold, we now have a running car. Now the entertaining part is me trying to learn how to drive it... you would think that since I can fly a plane I'd know how to drive a stick shift, but not yet.
So that has been our last few day. Definately exciting, crazy busy, and still incredibly blessed by God!