Sunday, February 8, 2009

a new page

This is one of my newest scrapbook pages. I know I've posted the picture before, but I figured I'd post the page anyway.

midterm madness

The winter term is now officially half over... unless you count finals week which I probably should, but I'm trying to think positivly. Mark & I are both pretty well swamped in work & studying.
I've been working long hours, six days a week still as the weather's been good and that's the school's schedule, so it's been busy. Only really having a half day off (since we spend half the day Sunday at church and with the Jr. High) it means a lot of the time is spent playing catch up... laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, taking a shower... just kidding, I try to do that more than once a week! I guess I can't really complain though since work means a paycheck which is good.
Mark's taking a heavier load this term than he has since he was in school several years ago, so he's been busy with homework. The nice thing is that his work has been really slow and he hasn't gotten many hours at all, so he has more time to study. And he's enjoying his classes, so that's really good.
In general we're doing good, just busy. I had the crazy nerve to except teaching a ground school class next term, so I guess I'll officially be a college teacher... what was I thinking?! Pray for me! :)

Jr. High

Mark & I have been helping out with the Jr. High group at church this last year. This is a picture I took of one of the jr. highers who when he heard I had photoshop asked if I could make his head big in the picture... so here's the finished product! Kind of makes you wonder if you can trust anything you see that's digital huh? :)